Vinoserv Champagne de luxe

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Vinoserv Champagne de luxe

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Special preservation system for sparkling wines like: Champagner, Sekt, Cava, Cremant ....

With the Vinoserv Champagne system, you can bid adieu to wasting valuable left over champagne.
Investing in a Vinoserv machine pays off within a short time, increasing your revenue.

The open bottles of sparkling wine are filled with high purity CO2directly after pouring, at a pressure of 3 to 4 bar. This way, champagne and other sparkling wines retain their freshness and flavour.


  • Noble stainless steel version
  • Simple and comfortable handling.
  • One cartridge is enough for 80 – 100 applications.
  • The shelf life of open bottles of sparkling wine is extended to approx. 14 days
  • Carbonation, freshness, flavour, and quality are preserved completely
  • The gas used is both food-safe and tasteless
  • The “Vinoserv Champagne” undergoes a safety inspection and comes with a two-year guarantee
  • Delivery incl. pressure gauge, special bottle stopper, and one cartridge of CO(0,32 L)
  • Height 33 cm
  • Weight 2,3 kg (incl. cartridge)


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