Vinoserv Compact

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Vinoserv Compact

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Compact version of the Vinoserv wine preservation system.

Investing in a Vinoserv machine pays off within a short time, immediately offering additional revenue.
The Vinoserv compact covers the wine in the open bottles with a precisely dosed amount of special noble gas, thus protecting it against oxidation. Just 1–2 short puffs of gas is enough to preserve the wine for 3–4 weeks, without affecting the bouquet, taste, freshness, or quality.


  • Compact, low in price and economical in consumption
  • Efficient use of resources thanks to refillable and easily exchangeable cartridges
  • One cartridge is enough for approx. 60–80 bottles (depends on how often its used on each bottle)
  • Preservation with highly purified nitrogen and CO2, for 3 to 4 weeks
  • The noble gas used is non-toxic and food-safe, without smells or tastes
  • Low maintenance with very easy operation 
  • Each “Vinoserv Compact” undergoes a safety inspection and comes with a 2-year guarantee
  • Delivery incl. one gas cartridge nitrogen 0,33 L
  • Dimensions: length  5 cm (only head) 28,5 cm (incl. cartridge), diameter 5,2 cm
  • Weight 1,33 kg  (incl. cartridge)


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