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With the Coravin wine system, you don’t need to worry about opening bottles or the how long the remaining wine will keep. The needle effortlessly glides through the cork, and at the touch of a button, argon gas is released into the bottle and wine through the spout. The argon gas prevents spoiling or aging of the remaining wine and the cork closes again.

  • Sample or pour wines without removing the cork
  • The wine is protected against oxidation for years
  • Does not influence the flavour profile
  • Preservation with high purity argon (99.99%)
  • Not suitable for sparkling wines!

Coravin Model Two

  • Pro version
  • Modern and user-friendly design
  • Teflon-coated stainless-steel needle—standard*
  • Delivery includes 2 capsules**, wine bottle cover, and needle cleaner
  • Weight: 445 g (incl. inserted capsule)

*   Pouring speed: 25–29 sec. for a glass of wine (150 ml).
** Around 15 glasses of wine (150 ml) can be poured using one capsule.


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CORAVIN capsules CORAVIN capsules
Coravin needle rapid pouring Coravin needle rapid pouring
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Coravin standard pouring needle Coravin standard pouring needle
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Coravin pouring needle vintage Coravin pouring needle vintage
24.95 € *
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