Present wine beautifully and serve it at the right temperature

CAVE VINUM electric open wine coolers for uncorked bottles are absolutely uniqueideal for serving wine by the glass at the perfect temperature in restaurants, or for presenting wines and regulating their temperature in specialist wine stores and wine tastings. 

We recommend CAVE VINUM wine dispenserswhether individually or combined with the wine coolers for uncorked bottles. They allow direct serving by the glass while simultaneously preserving the wine in the uncorked bottles.

CAVE VINUM wine cellars ideally complement our bottle coolers.


Optimize your serving wine by glass with using an open wine cooler:

• Wines taste more complex and fresh
• Open bottles last longer
• Better presentation and label visibility


Open wine cooler








CAVE VINUM open wine cooler
Electric wine coolers for uncorked bottles are unique electric coolers, ideal for serving wine by the glass at the perfect temperature in restaurants or during wine presentations. The machines are attractively priced and easy to operate.

Wine storage cabinets



CAVE VINUM wine cellars
are attractively priced, functional, and ideally complement our wine coolers for uncorked bottles.

Wine dispenser




CAVE VINUM wine dispenser
allow for the direct serving of wine by the glass, while simultaneously protecting and preserving the wine in the opened bottles. By replacing oxygen with nitrogen, unwanted oxidation processes are prevented, and the open bottles can be stored for up to two weeks, without quality losses or wastage. 





CAVE VINUM wine accessories
Rechargeable electric vacuum pump, wine aerator, oxigenador ...

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