Vinoserv gas cartridges refill service

The gas cartridges from your Vinoserv wine preservation system are empty and you want to refill them? Send them to us and get refilled cartridges without delay.
Simply pack them with a note containing your billing and delivery address, number of cartridges and type of gas and ship them to:

Heusteigstraße 15a
70182 Stuttgart

The invoice will be included in the delivery (advanced payment for larger orders).
It is preferable to have multiple cartridges - thus filling and delivery costs per cartridge become increasingly inexpensive.
We also refill cartridges from the (likely designed) Conservin or Duravin CS systems.

Costs for filling (independent of size and type of gas):
1 - 4 cartridges:              at 14,95 € each
from   5 cartridges:         at 13,95 € each
from 10 cartridges:         at 12,95 € each

Shipping costs*, destination in:
- Germany: Standard delivery 4,90 € / Express delivery 9,90 €
- Austria, Italy, France, Netherlands: 12,90 €
- Switzerland, Liechtenstein: 16,90 €  29,90 € (weight dependent)
- other countries, have a look at order and shipping information

* excluded islands (shipping to island destinations on request) and larger orders, which are required to be dispatched by forwarding company.

All prices are quoted in EURO (€), net, excluding VAT.